Personal Work

This bone creature can shoot devastating beams from its eye.

This creature travels dimensions in search of more powerful hosts to inhabit.

This is a Variant of the Image below.

Been Working on my environment skills. Here is a Sci-Fi City!

A strange pest from a strange place!

Crabnotars foes tremble before his mighty claws!

This guy lives in a cave and combines with dead fish to survive.

Watch out for robot centipede man, he’s angry!

Beware the eye in the depths!

This is another piece done as a way to explore and refine my technique. Beware the dragon!

Here is a stylized portrait of the awesomest person ever!

For this piece I am making use of the mixer brush in photoshop. In this one, a lonely photographer has spent years waiting for a chance to capture an elusive creature reported by the locals.

One of my favorite ways to illustrate is with the trusty #2 pencil. Squiggles for everyone!

This is a piece exploring the integration of custom shapes into my workflow. In it, the man is lost in an unknown land and is taken to the elder tree for guidance.

This is a Frazetta tribute painting which depicts the ageless struggle between man and reptiles.

This piece was done as a tribute to Frank Frazetta after he had passed away. In it, a traveling centaur is ambushed by swamp witches who lurk in the shadows.

This is my Megaman 2 box art remix. It's one of my favorite games of all time and I had a blast playing with some of the disconnected nature of the cover compared to the actual game.

Having some fun with creatures!


These are each exploratory works I’ve done with the idea of expanding the types if techniques and approaches I can use in creating an image.